5 Ways to Improve Customer Service Using Social Media

September 23, 2015

Social Media can create opportunities for organisations to keep in touch with their stakeholders. It helps by improving business prospects, relationships with customers, and branding. In today’s world, most of the people like to receive text or email rather than a call as it is easy to have all the information instantly. They also prefer to have all information and news updates online. The same goes for the customer service, especially over social media.

Social media is an amazing way to interact with people and this interaction can help a company to impress their customer with customer service and attract new customers. Using social media as a customer service tool can be fast, easy and accountable. Providing customer service over social media has now become a common expectation for everyone around the world.

If you are using social media to generate brand awareness then why not use it as a customer service tool as well? Try to improve your social media customer service skills with the following tips:


1. Interact with Customers

Social media is all about interaction. Modern consumers are continuously connected to social media tools. They are reviewing, searching, appealing, and providing feedback as well as seeking services and ordering for products. Customers want your business to be standing by and ready to help them all the time. It could be a complaint or praising about your product or service, but it is very important to interact and get engaged with them.

2. Be on Multiple Platforms

It is important to be on multiple social media platforms. Every customer is different and they use different social media tools. So your company should interact and engage with them via different social media sites. However, this does not mean you necessarily have to be on EVERY platform. Small businesses should choose a few popular platforms that best fit their customers.

3. Respond quickly

On a comment or complain, respond as fast as possible. It would be great if a response can be made between 5-10 minutes. A quick response also sends a message to your customer that you are ready to take care of them.

4. Ask Questions

How do you know your customers’ feelings about your product or service? The answer is simple- ask them. Social media is the best way to know people’s opinion on your product and service. You can ask them about how they have benefited using your product or service and how you can improve it.

5. Update your Customers via Social Media

Social media is an ideal place for sharing information about your brand, products and services. But it is also important in providing you with valuable information about your customer. A customer responds more constructively when you post relevant content to your product and service you sell. It is a good idea to provide information of your product and service rather than advertising.

Social media is a great way for creating brand awareness and engaging with customers. Anyone can use social media as a consumer service tool with the right knowledge and some creative ideas.