The Importance of mobile devices for vehicle shopping

February 11, 2016

According to the recently released J.D. Power 2015 New Autoshopper Study, mobile devices are becoming an ever-more important component of the vehicle purchasing process. To find a vehicle at the best price about 51% vehicle internet shoppers uses a mobile device such as tablets and smartphones. The importance of mobile devices will reach new levels in the near future.

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The study analyzes the how people use devices like smartphones, tablets and computers to get information prior to purchase. The study also finds out  which websites and apps they use during vehicle purchase process. During their shopping process, the study examines what content new-vehicle buyer’s access and which content they find most useful.
For vehicle shopping, since 2012, the use of smartphone increased by 70 percent and the use of tablet increased by 83 percent. About 34% of new-vehicle buyers for automotive research use a smartphone and 33% use a tablet. The manner in which new-vehicle shoppers locate the actual vehicle they seek is also going digital. Nearly 30 percent of new-vehicle shoppers find the vehicle they want to purchase on either a manufacturer website, their dealer’s website, a third-party website or on YouTube.
“Outside of the home, the location where new-vehicle shoppers most frequently use their smartphone to conduct auto research prior to purchase is at a dealership,” said Arianne Walker, senior director, automotive media & marketing at J.D. Power. “Nearly half—48%—of new-vehicle buyers that shop on a mobile device use their smartphone, and 13% use a tablet for information gathering while at the dealership: primarily to access vehicle pricing as well as model information, inventory searches, and special offers and incentives.”
While the majority of shoppers today still make their initial contact by simply walking into a dealerships floor, nearly one-fourth (24 percent) initiate contact digitally—by email, by requesting an online quote, or texting, or by visiting an online forum or Facebook.
Most of the shoppers enter in the process with a specific model or make in mind. Nearly half (49 percent) of new-vehicle shoppers know either the exact model or make they want going into the shopping process and purchase it.
At least one manufacturer brand website is visited by nine out of ten vehicle shoppers when shopping for a vehicle. Shoppers find manufacturer brand websites most useful for specific model information and configurations. The study shows 83 percent visit dealership website while purchasing a vehicle and about 75 percent visit their selling dealerships website. Eight out of ten visit third party websites for vehicle information.
J.D. Power study offers the following consumer tips:
– Visit websites of the manufacturer to narrow down your choices. It will make your vehicle shopping experience more efficient.
– To look for special deals on the makes and models that interest you, visit individual dealer’s website.
– Early in the shopping process, take advantage of the availability of multiple vehicle reviews on the web.