5 Tips to Get Sales Reps Engaged With Your Auto CRM

September 24, 2014

CRMYou’ve adopted a CRM system for your auto dealership. Everything will be easy now, right? Your sales numbers are about to shoot up exponentially and you are about to sell more cars than you could have ever imagined. Unfortunately, without full commitment from your staff, you’ll never realize the full value of your auto CRM. Here are 5 tips to ensure your CRM system is a success.

1. Show the Value

Contrary to your optimistic belief, your sales people don’t necessarily care that your shiny new CRM system will make the dealership more efficient, organized or drive down costs. They want to see what the value is for them. How will it make their lives easier? How will it help them sell more cars? Prove to your reps that this investment in CRM will make selling easier. Show them how using the system can help them organize their follow-up activities, store all customer touch-points and relevant information, and reduce their administrative work to free up their time to focus on sales.

2. Training

Oftentimes, managers believe that they can train their staff on a new system in an hour long workshop and then their reps will be primed and ready to go. Although CRM systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, this just isn’t the case. If you want your sales reps to adopt the new system, they need to be confident in their ability to use it properly. In order to ensure success, invest time in training your sales reps. Most CRM companies will offer some training services and resources for free or for a nominal fee.

3. Tie Use to Incentives

At the end of the day, you’re working with sales people… and what do sales people respond to? Incentives. When you’re designing your incentive packages or adding one-off rewards for sales people, ensure that use of the CRM is tied into these incentives. Begin to extract all data regarding incentives from your CRM, meaning that in order to qualify and succeed in any incentive programs, the reps need to be using the CRM.

4. Managerial Adoption

As with any big change in the workplace, employees will look to management when deciding whether to actively engage with the CRM system. All sales managers should act as CRM champions and set the example for their sales reps. If your sales people don’t believe that management has fully supported the new system, it will be a tough sell to get them participating.

5. Accountability

Hold your sales reps accountable. Check weekly that your sales reps are recording activities in the CRM and if they are not using the system, ask them why. Make them realize that using the CRM is now a part of their job and that their performance will be reviewed with this in mind.

Full adoption of a new automotive CRM system will not come overnight, but if you keep these tips in mind, the rollout will likely be less of a headache and you’ll be realizing the value of using CRM much quicker.

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