Rules of Engagement

October 16, 2015

Customer engagement affects your brand in a big way and the social web is changing the definition of customer engagement.  Reports show that a company or brand who is engaged with the customer via social media is more likely to be trusted by their customer and customers who are engaged tend to spend 20-40% more time with that company or brand.

Customer Engagement


Customer service is a big part of your customer engagement strategy and is no longer isolated from your business.  To be successful, you need to to get customers to interact with your brand even when they’re not making purchases. This builds loyalty, earns trust, and increases the lifetime value of each customer. Here are the rules for increasing your customer engagement.

Interact with customers

Companies need to be better listeners and they need a new set of skill to develop a relationship with the customer. That means listen to your customer and make a conversation with them. Earn their trust and create a relationship with honest and open conversation. This will give the customer a positive experience lead to a long term relationship with your brand.

Communicate with your customer via different social medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. But don’t just sell your product; provide service, and start discussions.

Interaction should be result driven

When you are chatting with your customer, don’t just chat with them. Try to make a good impression about your product and also let them know how important they are to your company. It will help your customers to trust you and increase their loyalty. This kind of relationship with the customers can have a great impact to your company.

Respond quickly

Today customers are on every social media and they are always active. You must be on relevant social medias (not all of them!), where the majority of your customers are, and be available as much as you can. When a customer has an issue with your product or service, give them solutions as soon as possible. This will create a positive image of your company. You will gain loyalty and also you will be front of mind when they purchase again.


When you are engaging with your customer don’t make your customer feel like you are marketing your product. Instead, develop a relationship built on mutual respect. Listen to your customer carefully. Getting feedback from the customers is important for both companies and their customers. Listening to the customer and acting according solves the customer’s problems and decreases customer turnover. It is much easier to solve a few small problems for an existing customer than it is to go replace them with someone else.

Business is customer driven

Your job is to make a platform and provide the necessary tools to your customers that enable them to interact and communicate with you easily. This must be highly visible and easily accessible by the customer. This is why social medias are so important, they afford even the smallest businesses a chance to communicate easily and instantly with any customer.

Follow these simple rules of engagement and it will give you a strong foundation to meet your customers needs. You will win their trust and ultimately you will create a loyal customer base to grow your business.