Keyless Ignition could Leave Your Car Vulnerable

October 7, 2015

Nowadays keyless ignitions can be found in all kinds of vehicles from luxury to economy. Keyless ignition is certainly a boon for consumers, but you should be aware of that keyless ignition could leave you car vulnerable when it comes to theft. High-tech thieves are now able steal your dream car by hacking it.car_keyless_ignition_button_640

It is true that a keyed ignition vehicle also can be stolen but, they would need a physical key or use various highly skilled methods to start the engine. On the other hand, a keyless ignition vehicles start button is used to start the engine. This start button activates the RFID chip which allows the vehicle to start the engine.

The problem is most of the vehicle manufacturer uses the same kinds of RFID chip. Thieves make a device which can be connected to the OBD port and reprogram the whole car module and start the car. This has become a real problem in the UK ,where 50-70% of all cars stolen are done so in this manner.

What can you do to stop thieves from stealing your vehicle? If you have keyless ignition car, you can put an OBD lock made of aluminum or steel over the OBD port. This OBD lock has a unique code to open. Thieves need to break the lock to steal your vehicle which makes your dream car an unlikely target.