How to Deal With a Negative Review

October 28, 2015

Getting bad reviews from your customers can be really painful. You work hard to satisfy your customers. However, you should be happy when you receive a bad review. Today I am going to show you that bad reviews aren’t bad for you. Actually it helps you improve your business.

bad reviews

A bad review doesn’t define you as bad

Firstly don’t take the negative reviews personally. When your business grows, you will see more of them regularly.

Here are four important things to remember-

  1. NO business is a good fit for everyone

You can’t be great for everyone. So you should keep in the mind that, your business might not be fit for everyone. So try to make your product or service for a specific group of people, not for everyone.

There could be a reason for bad reviews; that customer is discovering that your service or product is not the right fit for them.

  1. Bad reviews are a good thing

A study says, When a customer complains, at least 26 others remain silent and do not provide feedback. That means a bad review for a good customer is a gift for you. Based on this review you can change your product or service to make it better and satisfy more customers.

  1. Reviews are opportunity to grow

A review either good or bad is an opportunity to grow your business. It is impossible to eliminate all the mistakes. But trying to eliminate mistakes helps you to build trust and deeper relationships with your customer.

  1. The customer is having a bad day

We all have bad days and on our bad day’s we can become a bad customer. One of the reasons behind a bad review could be just because the customer is having a bad day. In this case, hold yourself and don’t bother what they review as it is nothing to do with your business.

How to deal with a negative review

Respond Quickly

When you get a negative review try to give the answer as quickly as possible. Consider it as your second chance to remove your mistake. It also makes your company more trustworthy to your customer.

Be Polite

Generally negative review contains strong wording. In this case, take your time to respond and be polite while answering the review. After talking with the customer, take proactive steps to resolve the problem.

Take the issue offline

Rather than answering a bad review in public, try to take the issue in offline. You can contact with customer via email or phone to fix the problem. After solving the problem, you can leave a brief description on the review comment.

Request to remove the review

Most of the consumer rating and review site won’t let you remove the review. After solving the problem, you can request your customer or the website to remove the negative review.

Encourage your customers to review

When people are talking about your company that generally means your business is doing good. Encourage people to review your business no matter if it is a bad or good one. It helps you eliminate your faults.

Talk with your employees about the review

Make sure every employee in your business knows about the both good and bad reviews. This will help you and your employees to avoid the same problems in future. It also creates a customer-centric mindset among your employees.