6 Digital Tools for Automotive Dealers

September 25, 2015

Selling vehicles is getting more competitive among dealerships Customers have a vast amount of resources at their disposal for buying vehicles. To keep alive in this competitive market, dealers need to take any advantage they can get. There are many kinds of Digital Tools for automotive dealers to use. Digital tools like CRM and websites play a vital role in the automotive market, but unfortunately many automotive dealers neglect using these digital tools. As a result, they are left behind by the competition.

Here are some tips for using digital tools to increase sales:Technology-fuels-wriitng-350x227

  1. A Strong CRM system

Expert CRM systems deliver various benefits for sales, service, marketing and other teams. Here are some benefits that you may get by professional CRM system, improved customer relation, better internal communication, maximize selling, capitalizing on more leads and better revenues.

  1. Make websites mobile ready

It is very important to make your website responsive to any platform. A responsive website works in any kinds of devices; smartphones, tablets, and desktops. One-third of websites and emails are opened from mobile devices.

  1. Keep your website updated

Always try to keep your website fresh. Your website is your digital showroom and  customers love to visit websites before visiting the dealership physically. It is important to make a good first good impression.

  1. Integrate live support

Live support is a great way to interact with customers. Live support or live chat can help answer customer’s questions in real time and used properly can establish a great customer relationship.

  1. Make your website attractive

Make you website as attractive as possible. Try to use the right color combination for your website and use calls to action to make sure your visitors are directed where you want them to go. An attractive website can will not only keep more visitors to your website it will get you more leads. As a result, your sales and service may increase significantly.

  1. Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your customers. It can create positive impressions and inform them about your products and promotions. Moreover sending newsletters to your customer’s email is extremely cost effective.