How to Use a Dealer CRM to Drive Service Revenues

September 10, 2014

Car dealerships have a vast amount of customer data at their disposal and in today’s marketplace, being able to understand and harness this data into real value for the customer and dealership is what will separate the successful dealerships from the less successful ones.

Employing the use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in your dealership can help you take advantage of opportunities that you would likely miss out on by relying only on traditional tactics.

A CRM system has the capability to capture your customer data, mine it and deliver report to you that your Service department can use to drive revenues. It then has the capability to assist you in contacting those customers and tracking the data.

A few potential examples of how your CRM could be utilized to drive service revenues include:

  1. Oil Change Reminders. Pushing out a targeted email communication reminding your customers to come in for their next oil change when it has been a certain amount of time from their last visit.
  2. Service Reminders. Developing a list of specific customers due for a more thorough service and call / leave messages reminding them that the service is due. You could also offer some promotional items with it that could help drive service revenues.
  3. Maintenance Reminders. Identifying who is driving older models vehicles that would tend to need service more often than your newer model sales. Data filtering would allow you to focus your marketing efforts on these individuals with offers tailored to their needs.
  4. Seasonal Adjustments. Emailing all of your customers around seasonal vehicle requirements including items like snow tires, windshield washer fluid, car detailing, filters and brakes.

There is potential to drive substantial dealership revenue and profits from sources other than the actual sale of a new vehicle by maximizing the potential of other profit centres like the Service department. An automotive CRM system can help you take the guessing out of your marketing and turn your Service department into the profit centre it should be.

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