Carfire Automotive CRM Systems


Dealercraft is excited at the opportunity to assist auto dealers like you with their CRM and more specifically, their showroom traffic control, inbound lead tracking and management requirements. We believe that our CRM solution provides the perfect fit given your particular needs.

We are used to working with car dealerships like yours and understand the fast moving, constantly changing demands of the automotive retail sector from a customer, sales, IT and manufacturer perspective. We take immense pride in the work we do and are excited at the opportunity to work with you on this initiative.

This page provides some information about Dealercraft and our CRM offerings, however we are constantly adding new and exciting features to our CRM system, and dealer websites, and we would be happy provide a detailed presentation to you and your team. Please call us at 1-866-374-0443 and choose to speak with Arthur Whaley for more information.

About Dealercraft & Carfire CRM

Dealercraft provides CRM solutions to automotive dealerships in Canada and the United States. We have been in business since 2010 and our management team has over 30 years in the industry having worked in a variety of roles including car sales, customer service, parts and service, IT and marketing.

Features of the Dealercraft Carfire CRM solution include:

  • The ability to record, track and follow your sales leads
  • Real-time logs and alerts
  • Push email based sales reporting
  • Service database mining and associated target marketing efforts
  • Complete marketing automation including custom emails
  • Unparalleled showroom traffic management, phone call tracking and recording
  • 2 way communications including real-time push and text messaging capabilities
  • Custom reporting & robust analytics
  • Portal based solution allowing for remote web access

Why Dealercraft’s Carfire CRM Is a Good Fit

Dealercraft’s Carfire CRM solution provides a wide range of benefits to assist a dealership in growing revenues, reducing costs, mitigating risk and creating efficiencies.

Benefits of the Carfire CRM solution include:

  • Increasing leads by over 80% – track sales leads more closely, book more sales appointments from web forms, phone calls, and un-sold showroom customers and close more deals
  • Improving dealership traffic sold rates by 26% – tracking and following your “up” more closely and in a timely manner provides tangible results
  • Growing dealership traffic by 23% – by allowing you to market via a variety of electronic channels more efficiently
  • Increasing Service appointments by 51% – book more service appointments with better average customer spend per visit
  • Risk mitigation – allows dealers to respond to recalls more effectively reducing potential future liability
  • Operating efficiencies – integrates with virtually any DMS and is able to pull data regularly from POS and accounting systems
  • Manufacturer Compliance – provide your manufacturer with sales reports and data sets to satisfy their needs
  • Timely reporting – as an owner or sales manager, we can tailor the system to send you sales reports of your choosing daily, weekly, monthly right to your inbox to save your time and allow for viewing anywhere you may be
  • Reducing your CRM costs by 20 to 50% monthly — simple pricing structure, low monthly costs where one new customer monthly more than pays for the solution
  • 24/7 system coverage – providing 24/7 system support and monitoring from an experienced team
  • Free training – off-site for 3 days in a live dealership environment
    Compliance with all Canadian privacy laws – CRTC and CASL regulations




The Dealercraft Difference

Experienced Team with Industry Knowledge

Our senior team is experienced, having worked for decades in the automotive dealership sector. We understand not only the front end of the dealership business but also the service and IT backend. We firmly grasp that a CRM tool not only has to be effective from a sales standpoint, but it must also support the managers and owners from a decision making perspective. Areas like risk mitigation, due to recall and manufacturer compliance, are growing in their importance. Dealercraft recognizes this and provides the tools you need manage these areas effectively.

Cost Effective Solution

Dealercraft’s Carfire CRM is about 20% to 50% less expensive than other automotive CRM solutions on the market today, and includes no long term contract. Combining price savings with customizability and free training, our offer is unbeatable.

Customizable to Meet Your Work Flow Needs

At Dealercraft we understand that every dealership has its own workflows and processes from sales, service, operations and IT perspectives. With that in mind, Carfire CRM was designed to be flexible and customizable. The system is built on a strong core foundation that can be tailored to suit your workflow and reporting needs.

Training Provided at No Cost

We recognize that there are many moving parts to a CRM solution and in many cases your sales and administration teams could become overwhelmed if not Confidential Document DealerCraft Inc.4 trained and guided through the tool properly. Your dedicated support specialist will make regular quarterly visits to your location, and provide on demand one on one support by phone, email, and screen sharing. We are also happy to provide on-site training and best practice review for up to 3 days at one of our dealership partners, the S. Dilawri Automotive Group. The group consists of 7 dealerships in Ottawa that are each using the full Carfire CRM system to consistently grow their business.

The Dealercraft Executive Team

Arthur Whaley is the founder and president of Dealercraft. He is passionate about automotive dealership sales and operations and has built a team around him of other like-minded individuals. The Dealercraft team has been consistently delivering results since the company was founded 4 years ago. If you are looking for an automotive dealership CRM solution then you have come to the right place.

Arthur Whaley,

Founder & President

Arthur comes by his passion for the automotive market honestly as his father was a professional at the factory level in the automotive sector for over 30 years. Having worked for over 10 years in the dealership space himself, in a variety of roles from car sales and customer service, to management, IT support, and software development, Arthur developed a comprehensive understanding of the business pains a dealership faces.

With this in mind, armed with a formal education in software development, Arthur founded Dealercraft and built the Carfire CRM solution. The goal, to assist dealerships in improving their sales and bottom line results.

Peter Whaley,

Director of Customer Relations

Peter spent over 30 years at the factory level working his way from district sales at GM, to becoming the Senior Director of Mazda Canada. He joined Dealercraft with the goal to help provide dealerships with the perfect blend of technology and unparalleled customer service they need to grow their business.