5 ways to improve an automotive dealership’s newsletter


Your dealership newsletter is a great way to keep your current customers aware of offers, news, and services available at your dealership. But to make your automotive newsletter effective, it is important to follow 5 simple rules:

  1. Provide Valuable Information

The most important thing in writing a newsletter is carefully choosing the information you include. Try to provide consistently high-quality content to your customer. Use your newsletter to show your expertise in the automotive field and encourage them to contact your dealership.

  1. Advise Customers

Give your customer some advice in newsletter like, how they can maintain their vehicle. Put forward your maintenance and repair service and advise them to come to your dealership for technical inspection and repair. Use your newsletter to make your readers understand the importance of your service department.

  1. Be Interesting

Before posting think twice, is it going to attract readers and make them continue reading? Provide helpful information that your reader will look forward to receiving.

  1. Don’t Make It Too Long

It is important not to make your newsletter too long. It would be good to limit the newsletter to no more than five or six articles. Otherwise, readers will skip around and not read every section.

  1. Ask for Feedback

Ask your reader how they feel about your newsletter and how you can improve it so that it can be more helpful to them.